Episode 72: How I Meet Amurica

On this episode of the Nerdaverse  we discuss the new Captain America movie, take a look back at How I Met Your Mother and debate its controversial finale, and discuss some other weird TV we’ve been watching. Hosts: Mark, Jessie, Aaron Show Outline: Intro (00:00) What is entertaining you (2:00) Movies (2:00) Games (16:00) HowI Met […]


Episode 70: I Refuse to Pronounce It Sm-oww-guh

The nerds welcome the newest member to their tribe, as we get to know our new producer Aaron. In this scintillating episode we discuss The Cave, Brooklyn 9-9 and review Catching Fire and The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug. We also take the time to explore the question: Does Jessie’s love of stamping passports in Papers, […]


Episode 69b: The Episode So Nice, We Had to Do It Twice

Drift away into the nerd void with Mark, Jessie and their guest host/producer Zach as we discuss how sexy James Spader is in the Blacklist and how much Mark loves the Airbender universe follow on Legend of Korra. We recommend some new games to tickle your fancy. We also Poop or Puppy the space thriller […]


Episode 61: Time Hopping Puppies

In this episode, Mark and Jessie discuss the CW’s Arrow, an addictive free-to-play new iOS game and other amusements. We also Poop or Puppy two time travel/time hopping tales. Check it out to see what we thought about Looper and Cloud Atlas. Note: you may not see the podcast controls above if you have NoScript […]

Some nerd tidbits for you today

Just a few items to pass along to you folks out there: Would a price cut on the Sony PS3 convince you holdouts to finally buy one? If so, what’s your sweet spot in terms of price? Right now, I’m a Wii 360 household, along with my gaming PC. However, there are a few exclusive […]