Episode 70: I Refuse to Pronounce It Sm-oww-guh

The nerds welcome the newest member to their tribe, as we get to know our new producer Aaron. In this scintillating episode we discuss The Cave, Brooklyn 9-9 and review Catching Fire and The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug. We also take the time to explore the question: Does Jessie’s love of stamping passports in Papers, […]


Episode 53: Cabin in the Hunger Games

Mr. Ladykiller (a.k.a Steve) joins Mark and Jessie to “Poop or Puppy” both the Hunger Games and Cabin in the Woods.  Mark also admits to betraying his DC Comics fandom after he is caught up in the maelstrom of Avengers vs. X-Men. We also do a Summer movie preview. Note: you may not see the […]


Episode 50: The Big 5-0

Like a fine wine, our little show only gets better with age. Much like the immortal Tom Cruise (whose Mission Impossible 4 we review), we get better looking as the years go by.  Stats thus far: 53 episodes recorded, 50 successfully posted, 23 unique guest hosts, dozens of poops and puppies given out and 2 […]