Episode 72: How I Meet Amurica

On this episode of the Nerdaverse  we discuss the new Captain America movie, take a look back at How I Met Your Mother and debate its controversial finale, and discuss some other weird TV we’ve been watching. Hosts: Mark, Jessie, Aaron Show Outline: Intro (00:00) What is entertaining you (2:00) Movies (2:00) Games (16:00) HowI Met […]


Episode 69b: The Episode So Nice, We Had to Do It Twice

Drift away into the nerd void with Mark, Jessie and their guest host/producer Zach as we discuss how sexy James Spader is in the Blacklist and how much Mark loves the Airbender universe follow on Legend of Korra. We recommend some new games to tickle your fancy. We also Poop or Puppy the space thriller […]

Episode 7: Potent African Podcast

On this extra special episode Mark and Jessie are joined by a man of many names. We look into our crystal ball at the games and movies coming out this year that we’re extra super duper excited to get our hands (and eyeballs) on. We also review the controversial movie Observe and Report, the toxic […]

Episode 6: Arrrrrrrrrr!

In this week’s special episode we take a look at the Nerdcore genre of music, with a special focus on pirate rap. Mark and Jessie sit down with Captain Dan, of Captain Dan and the Scurvy Crew, to talk about music, movies and all things pirate-related. Come sail the seven seas with us as we […]

How Do I Find Your Other Episodes?

While we’re in the process of revamping our site template here, it’s a little difficult to find past posts. Some of you have asked how to download our previous episodes. Ways to Find Previous Episodes: Subscribe to our show via iTunes. Then you’ll get a full show listing via the iTunes interface Subscribe to our […]

Welcome to Across the Nerd-a-verse!

Hi folks – Jessie here. Well right now this site is sort of a place holder for our more permanent site that we hope to get all designed up in the future. Many thanks go out to our buddy Mike for setting this site up. A bit about the podcast we’ll be doing: as the […]