Episode 76: Shiny & Chrome – A Summer Movie Cavalcade

After an extended break the Nerds return to ride eternal shiny and chrome through a look back at the summer movie season. Liz Finch Grace proprietor of Scofflaw Nail Varnish Manufactory, and Mark’s wife makes her first appearance on ATN to lend opinions to this round of “Poop or Puppies”. Hosts: Mark, Jessie Guest Host: […]


Episode 72: How I Meet Amurica

On this episode of the Nerdaverse  we discuss the new Captain America movie, take a look back at How I Met Your Mother and debate its controversial finale, and discuss some other weird TV we’ve been watching. Hosts: Mark, Jessie, Aaron Show Outline: Intro (00:00) What is entertaining you (2:00) Movies (2:00) Games (16:00) HowI Met […]


Episode 54: Nerds Assemble!

The Avengers have assembled, and so have The Nerds. Join Mark, Jessie and John for their review of The Avengers and much more! Note: you may not see the podcast controls above if you have NoScript enabled. Hosts: Mark, Jessie, John Show Outline: Welcomes and Introductions – (0:00:27) What’s Entertaining You? (0:02:01) WEY – TV […]


Episode 53: Cabin in the Hunger Games

Mr. Ladykiller (a.k.a Steve) joins Mark and Jessie to “Poop or Puppy” both the Hunger Games and Cabin in the Woods.  Mark also admits to betraying his DC Comics fandom after he is caught up in the maelstrom of Avengers vs. X-Men. We also do a Summer movie preview. Note: you may not see the […]