Lawn of the Dead


If you buy one game in the next few weeks make it Pop Cap’s “Plants vs. Zombies”.  This game is wonderfully addictive, and super fun.     In the game, the expanse of your house’s front lawn is all that stands between you and an army of the undead.   As the undead swarm shamble across your lawn it is up to you to defend your home by constructing defenses out of a variety of plants.  

“Plants vs. Zombies” is an interesting game for me, because I feel like it fills a game niche that I’ve been searching for for quite sometime.   PvZ combines elements from tower defense games with a little bit of basic RTS type resource management.   Where the game really shines though is that it requires very little micromanagement on the player’s part once you have put your plants into action.  Allowing the player to focus on what has always been my favourite aspect of the RTS genre resource management and unit building.   This game would be very hard to deny.  Especially since it is priced at very affordable $20.   (It may even be cheaper through Steam.)    If you are a fan of zombies, I think you will find this light hearted little game a pleasure.   It is full of laugh out loud moments, and has such a charming visual appearance to it.  Buy it now.