We Need Some iTunes Reviews!

Hey folks, from the responses that we’ve gotten thus far via e-mail and by way of the Facebook group it sounds like you folks out there are enjoying listening to the show as much as we have been enjoying producing it.   I’m really excited, that we’ve received so much love already, and we have a few very interesting things in the work for future episodes that I think you all will enjoy.  

Now, as Jessie is fond of pointing out, “it takes a village” and we’re hoping that we can appeal to you, our fans to help spread the word about the show and help to expand the population of The Nerdaverse.   Join, the Facebook Group, invite your friends to join.   We certainly would love to see the show get a few iTunes reviews as well so that we can live the dream of having the show appear as a featured podcast at some point.


Again thank you all so much for your support .