Some nerd tidbits for you today

Just a few items to pass along to you folks out there:

  • Would a price cut on the Sony PS3 convince you holdouts to finally buy one? If so, what’s your sweet spot in terms of price? Right now, I’m a Wii 360 household, along with my gaming PC. However, there are a few exclusive titles on the PS3 that make it just intriguing enough that I might eventually get one. However, the loss of backwards compatibility in many (all?) of their models makes me hesitate, as I have a big PS2 library, and I don’t want to have to keep my old PS2 around after I upgrade.
  • Courtesy of our reporter in the field, Eddie L., here’s a news release confirming what we’ve all known for some time: that there will be a Mass Effect 2. This makes me more excited than I care to admit. My only prayer is that the improvements from PC version of Mass Effect 1 will be ported over to Mass Effect 2 for the Xbox 360. Since you can use your old save files from Mass Effect 1 in Mass Effect 2, you’re somewhat locked into the original platform that you played the first game on.
  • The Sci Fi channel somehow thinks that renaming itself SyFy will somehow make it appear “hipper” to viewers who haven’t been tuning in.