Here Is Something Fun For You To Do – Threes! (iOS)

Jessie gets mad when I don’t write things. When I try to write long articles I get bored. There has to be a middle ground that will at the same point keep me productive and alive.  So I’m going to post little mini reviews of things that are presently entertaining me that often times do not make the cut in our “What’s Entertain You” segments.  My first entry in this new “Here is Something Fun For You To Do” is a wonderful little iOS puzzle game called “Threes!“.

THREES_trailer(In the interests of full disclosure I want to note that I have on occasion drank beer and lit fireworks with Threes! art designer Greg Wohlwend. Did you notice the Chicago skyline in the animation above?)

The video above is all the introduction you need to the simplicity of Threes! design. You match numbers by sliding tiles around the game’s 4×4 grid. Ones and twos make threes.  Combine two threes to make a six, and so on. Sliding and combining tiles as you chase your high score.  As far as mobile gaming that provides a quick bite sized diversion you’ll be hard pressed to find a better way to spend a few moments while waiting for your next bus then Threes!.  The game does carry a $1.99 price tag in the app store, but it is an easily justifiable expense for the amount of replay value you will find here.  What is most surprising to me is the amount of personality that you will find in this game. They’re completely cosmetic, but each card value has a personality. Playing with the sound on is completely unnecessary, but it is worth doing at least once to hear the charming voice acting each card has.