2013 Golden Puppy and Golden Poop Awards

golden puppy

I know it’s already February and we’re well into 2014, but it’s never too late to be snarky about the previous year’s worth of culture. And everyone loves a reward show! So without further ado, I present my selections for Golden Poop and Golden Puppies. As usual, I am not a professional reviewer and have not seen most of the Best Picture nominees from 2013, so this is just my personal list of things I love. We’ll be doing a show specifically about the Oscar Best Picture nominees later this year.

A word, briefly, about what these awards mean. This is not a Best of/Worst Of list. There are plenty of those on the internet. And it would be easy, frankly, to just measure objective quality and to pick on the obvious bad movies out there. Instead, these awards symbolize pop culture endeavors that exceeded my expectations or let me down by being worse than they should have been.

2013 Golden Puppies:


Gravity – see episode 69b for more on why I loved this film.

Fast & Furious 6 – big, loud, fast, but not as dumb as you’d think. At this point, the filmmakers have the F&F formula down pat, but they still found room to put in some unexpected twists and turns that made this a ridiculously good time at the theaters. And the post-credit surprise managed to outdo the last film by a mile, which is something I never predicted would happen.

TV Shows:

Orange is the New Black – Funny, sexy, powerful, insightful – there’s just so much to love about this dramedy set in a women’s prison. While the show initially focus on the main protagonist Piper, the secondary and tertiary characters eventually become leads in their own episodes. And you know I’m going to love any show that features Kathryn Mulgrew (a.k.a. Janeway) as a saucy prison chef/former mobster wife rocking an amazing Russian accent. This Netflix original program had me marathoning episode after episode, and then immediately made me sad because I wanted more.

Game of Thrones – Season 3 saw the show runners more confident than ever in their willingness and ability to deviate from the source material. I continue to love Natalie Dormer’s turn as Margaery, and of course this season gave Nikolaj Coster-Waldau the chance to really shine as Jaime Lannister tangled with woman warrior Brienne on their epic road trip. Plus, any season that gives us this supercut of reactions to the Red Wedding, AND made “Dracarys” a household word has to earn a Golden Puppy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78juOpTM3tE

Hannibal – A stylish, dreamy take on the Silence of the Lambs universe, tracking the story of how profiler Will Graham met his greatest frenemy Hannibal Lecter. The staging of the murder scenes in this were gorgeous (and gore-filled).

Video Games

Last of Us – one of the rare games that makes you question where the line between game and art begins and ends. Naughty Dog knocks this one out of the park.

Papers, Please – tune into episode 70 for more on why several Nerdaverse hosts love this game so much that we rushed home from work just to play…. a game about working.

Golden Poops


Elysium – Great idea, great cast, great director. So what went wrong? The devil is really in the details in this case, where the script just wasn’t coherent enough to make a good film. One of my top disappointments of the year.


The Following – The commercials looked great, and I thought, “Hey, I’ll have a bunch of new links to use in the 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon game!” Sadly, this show thought that “edgy” meant gratuitous violence. It was pretty much the anti-Hannibal, choosing crass over class at every turn. Plus, don’t get me started on how stupid the cult’s obsession with Edgar Allen Poe was.