Episode 66: Never Mind the Bullocks, Here Come the Audio Issues!


Due to some audio hardware issues, you will hear repeated blank spots of audio. After mulling the decision over for a while (and having a lot happen in the middle of it…including a dead CPU) I decided to release the episode as is. Obviously, this is not something that I’m proud of and not something that our listeners should deal with either. I’m getting down to the bottom of the issue and hopefully should have it resolved before our next show.  – Johnathon

After our producer has his back broken by Bane…errr seashells, his heart broken by Mark’s stupid Blackhawks and various issues with accursed new-fangled technology, we’re back with another episode true believers. We cover the 3 biggest releases thus far at the movies. However, is a certain producer is not pleased with Star Trek? Madness! Can Jessie convince the crew that a Sherlock not named Cumberbatch is superior? Can Johnathon not be distracted by shiny things long enough to finish a coherent sentence? Can Mark really hate Tony Stark? All this and bonus extra time that would make Lord Stanley proud on episode 67 of Across the Nerdverse.

No cups were harmed by the city of Washington, DC during the recording of this podcast…or any other time in recorded history.

Note: you may not see the podcast controls above if you have NoScript enabled.

Hosts: Mark, Jessie, John

Show Outline:

  • Intros and Welcomes (0:00:18)

  • What’s Entertaining You? (0:01:35)

  • JL8 https://www.facebook.com/jl8comiclol (0:01:57)

  • Sentinels of the Multiverse Sentinels of the Multiverse (0:04:46)

  • NHL 96 (really you need a link for this? shame on you…) (0:08:39)

  • Elementary Elementary (0:11:42)

  • Poop or Puppy {SPOILER FREE} (0:16:05)

  • Iron Man 3 (0:17:26)

  •  Star Trek: Into Darkness (0:24:57)

  • Fast and the Furious 6 (0:34:12)

  • Mailbag: Kwogger’s Insolence (0:3935)

  • Intermission (0:45:00)

  • Spoilers intro (0:45:25)

  • Iron Man 3 (0:45:55)

  • Star Trek: Into Darkness (01:01:17)

  • Fast and the Furious 6 (01:15:03)

  • Outro (01:28:02)

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