Episode 65b: Much Ado About Summer Movies

In part two of our monster episode #65, we celebrate the fact that summer is upon us, and with it, summer blockbusters galore. Where most people get their beach bodies ready for a summer of fun and frolic in the sun and passionate trysts that are doomed from the start, your friends at Nerdverse prefer the cold air-conditioned comforts of your local movie theatre, where no one can break our hearts.  But with such an aspiring array of movies, what should you really waste your hard-earned Wulongs on?

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Hosts: Mark, Jessie, John

Show Outline:

  • Intro and explanation of format (0:00:14)

  • May

  • Looking forward to:  (0:01:04)

  • Sleeper Hit: (0:02:43)

  • Potential Poop: (0:07:03)

  • June

  • Looking forward to: (0:08:29)

  • Sleeper Hit: (0:17:38)

  • Potential Poop:(0:23:18)

  • July

  • Looking forward to: (0:32:55)

  • Sleeper Hit: (0:38:42)

  • Potential Poop: (0:39:48)

  • August

  • Looking forward to: (0:46:39)

  • Sleeper Hit: (0:52:44)

  • Potential Poop: (0:55:31)

  • Wrap-up/Outro:(0:59:12)

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