Episode 65a: Same Nerd Channel, New Menacing Nerd Overlord

A new episode has arrived and with it changes for the Nerdaverse. Johnathon will be taking permanent duty of producing the show.  Really, we could have stopped there.  However, there was still a show to record. Did Johnathon talk about soccer all day? Did Mark finally see Ghost in the Shell? Can Jessie sing Bear and the Maiden Fair?  Tune in and find out what was entertaining us so much that we had to split this episode into two parts.

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Hosts: Mark, Jessie, John

Show Outline:

  • Introductions: (0:00:26)

  • Show Announcement: (0:01:16)

  • What’s Entertaining You Intro: (0:02:14)

  • Games

  • John – Devil May Cry: (0:02:51) – Correction: Devil May Cry does allow you to skip cutscenes.

  • Jessie – Deus Ex: Human Revolution: (0:12:11)

  • Mark – Injustice: Gods Among Us (0:19:46)

  • Mark – Artemis Bridge Simulator (0:28:37)

  • TV

  • Game of Thrones S3 discussion (SPOILERS): (0:31:47)

  • Defiance: (0:41:27)

  • Orphan Blank (0:43:27)

  • Outro (0:46:48)

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