Episode 63: Golden Puppies 2012

What entertained the Nerds the most in 2012? On this episode the Nerds bestow perhaps the most coveted awards of the modern era The Golden Puppies! Tune in to find out what we loved this year and also find out who is on the receiving end of our Iron Poop awards as well.

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Hosts: Mark, Jessie, John

Show Outline:

  • Intros and Welcomes (0:00:29)

  • The Golden Puppy Awards (0:01:20)

  • Video Games (0:1:34)

  • Movie (0:09:10)

  • Television (0:11:30)

  • Biggest Surprise (0:20:00)

  • Iron Poops (0:25:24)

  • Goodbyes: (0:27:00)

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