Episode 42: A Unique Zombie Cowboy Marionette Experience

On this episode of The Nerdaverse Mark and John are joined by Dan Teasdale the  Lead Designer of the upcoming Twisted Pixel game The Gunstringer.  Dan joins the show this episode to share with us some of his experiences working in the field of game design, the horors of Outback Steakhouse and what has been entertaining him.  Don’t forget our listener contest, Send us an e-mail at mailbag@nerdaverse.com for a chance to win a free PC copy of Magicka or Sanctum!

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Hosts: Mark, John

Guest Host: Dan Teasdale

Show Outline:

  • Welcomes and Introductions – (0:00:38)Welcomes and Introductions – (0:00:36)
  • 3 Facts About Dan Teasdale (0:02:40)
  • Interview with Dan Teasdale (0:14:07)
  • Intermission (0:37:04)
  • What’s Entertaining You (0:40:28)
  •  From Dust (0:41:28)
  •  Bastion (0:44:34)
  •  Catherine (0:54:13)
  •  Layar Augmented Reality Browser (1:03:49)
  • Closing Comments (1:10:05)

Links to stuff we talk about:

Music Credits:

  • Opening Intro – “Nerdaverse” by The BeerJays
  • Intermission #1 – Conventional Lover by Speck
  • Outro Music – “Nerdaverse 2” by The BeerJays

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