Episode 33: To PAX East and Back – A Gamer’s Holiday

The nerds are back from PAXEast and have plenty to talk about. Your usual host John, Jessie and Mark are joined by guest hosts Kasey and David to discuss what sort of strange adventures they found while exploring the PAXEast convention halls. Tune in to hear what games caught our panel member’s eyes, and hear us talk about all the fun we had in Boston. Warning: You’re going to want to come next year! A special thanks to Bulldozer whom we forgot to mention.

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Hosts: Mark, John, Jessie, Kasey, David

Show Outline:

  • Introductions (0:00:32)
  • The coolest thing I played at PAX was? (0:04:18)
  • My favourite room at PAX was?  (0:23:58)
  • If I could change one thing about PAX it would be: (0:39:49)
  • Final thoughts

Music Credits:

  • Opening Intro – “Nerdaverse” by The BeerJays
  • Outro Music – “Nerdaverse 2” by The BeerJays

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