Episode 20: Don’t Call Me Chief

The nerds are back after the holiday break and have brought along guest host Kasey (ChiefSpecialK from the TF2F forums) to join them. On this episode we give our grades on James Cameron’s Avatar and the new Bioware epic RPG Dragon Age: Origins.

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Hosts: Mark, Jessie, Kasey

Show Outline:

  • Introductions and Welcomes (0:00:20)
  • 3 Facts About Casey (0:02:05)
  • What’s Entertaining You (0:11:40)
  • Intermission #1 (0:40:38)
  • The As of Yet Unnamed Review Section (0:40:38)
  • James Cameron’s Avatar (0:41:30)
    Mark – A
    Casey – A
    Jessie – B+
  • Dragon Age: Origins (1:02:12)
    Jessie – B+/A-
    Mark – B+
    Casey – NA
  • Mailbag (1:20:36)
  • Good Byes (1:29:50)

Music Credits:

  • Opening Intro – “Nerdaverse” by The BeerJays
  • Intermission Music – “Contact” by Tugboat Annie
  • Outro Music – “Nerdaverse 2” by The BeerJays

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