Greetings Citizens of The Nerdaverse!

Just wanted to post a little bit here while on my way home. So the new year has passed. I hope that everyone had a safe and happy new year. I had a grand time myself. (Ask nice and I’ll share with you how guest host Blake Clouser spent his new year. Tee-hee) So hopefully by now you’ve had the chance to enjoy our series of End of the Decade episodes. What did you guys think? Be sure to write to us at the Mailbag (mailbag@nerdaverse.com)and give us your thoughts.

I also want to ask a favour of our listeners. Do you listen to the show? I think both Jessie and I are curious to find out exactly how many of you out there listen to our show. Saddly, this is often harder to determine then you might think. Unfortunately iTunes is very sparse in the information that they provide relating to subscription numbers. It is possible to kind of figure out our numbers by evaluating download traffic but that involves math, and you know if you listen the the show that anytime I can be prevented from doing math I am happy. (and the world is possibly safer as well.) so here is what I’d like to ask. Write to us if you listen. Drop us a note to the mailbag. Tell us what you think of the show if you want. Heck send us a blank message. I’m not too picky. We’d just like to know how many folks are out there.

So there you have a little request from me. Jessie and I are at work planning our next episode. I think we will be talking about Avatar, and maybe our initial impressions of the new BioWare RPG Dragon Age: Origins and I am sure much more.

Thank you for listening!