Review: Lumines – Touch Fusion

Here is a quick review for you folks. Durring our discussion of our favourite games from the past decade in Episode 17 Jessie brought a game to the table that I’d never heard of. A game known as Lumines. Intrigued by her description of a tetris like game with a pulsing techno soundtrack I went out to find if a version existed on my moblie gaming platform of choice the iPhone. Much to my delight there was, and I am very happy to report that the iPhone version of this game is an absolute joy and has quite possibly eaten my brain. If you are not sure if the game is for you a free demo version is available and you should certainly give it a look. The full version is a very easy to justify $2.99. The full version comes with one default skin package that provides some interesting visuals and techno tracks and additional skin packs are available for purchase through the app.

Final Grade: A+
Poop or Puppy: An Absolute Puppy