Happy Holidays!

Evening folks. Just a quick little holiday message to you from me. This nerd is about to head out on vacation. Looking forward to getting back to Buffalo and seeing some family and friends. I am very excited, because I get to bring home my fiancée for the first time! Yep, that’s right Finch has gone from girlfriend to fiancée and I could not be happier. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to get her on the show so you all can get to meet her.

Lest you think that just because it is the holidays your favourite nerds are going to be taking some time off think again. Jessie and I sat down last weekend and recorded three episodes for you guys. With the end of the decade quickly approaching we felt it would be fun to think about the things that have really contributed to our entertainment over the last ten years. So you folks out there are going to get three mini-episodes from us. Each one focusing on ether video games, television or movies. I am pretty excited for you all to ge the chance to listen to them, because I think these episodes are some of the best that we’ve done thus far. Look for our tweets and facebook messages detailing each episodes release.

While I am home visiting my folks I also do plan to be putting in some quality gaming as well. I think I am going to explore what the iPhone has to offer as a platform, and at the same point scratch my retro itch. On the agenda for my trips home are going to be the iPhone versions of the Don Bluth annimated games “Dragon’s Lair” and “Space Ace”. I also might finally take a stab at the Monkey Island game, as well as put in some time with my newest additction Lumines. (*SPOILER ALERT* This is one of Jessie’s top games of the past decade.)

Expect some more blogs from me in the days to follow!

Merry Holidays!

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