Episode 14: Twisted Pixels

Mark and Jessie are visited by Twisted Pixel Game’s Art Director David Leung who shares with us some insight into the work of game animator on titles such as The Maw and ‘Spolsion Man. David sticks around and joins us for a discussion of our favorite works of animation. Tune in to learn what life is like working in the videogame industry; plus all the cartoon and anime goodness you can shake a stick at. There may or may not be cake.

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Hosts: Mark, Jessie, David

Show Outline:

  • Introductions and Welcomes (0:00:2)
  • 3 Facts about Dave Leung of Twisted Pixel Games (0:01:04)
  • Poop or Puppy – Green Lantern: First Flight (0:10:31)
  • Poop or Puppy – Wonder Woman (0:17:07)
  • Interview With David Leung of Twisted Pixel Games (0:26:07)
  • Essential Nerd Films: Animated (01:03:21)
  • Mail Bag (01:30:51)
  • Goodbyes (01:35:43)

Music Credits:

  • Opening Intro – “Nerdaverse” by The BeerJays
  • Intermission 1 Music – “Explainations” by Tugboat Annie
  • Intermission 2 Music – “Contact” by Tugboat Annie
  • Outro Music – “Nerdaverse 2” by The BeerJays

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