The Best Band that Never Was

On our most recent episode of Across the Nerdaverse (Episode 14 available soon) my co-host Jessie and I took the time to discuss some of our most favourite pieces of animation.  I of course couldn’t let the chance slip by to discuss my all time favourite anime series “BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad”.   This series follows the exploits of 5 Japanese high school who set out to create the world’s greatest band and just might accomplish that goal.  As promised during our discussion I’m going to put down some of the high lights of the band’s music from the show here.  Any show that deals with the subject matter of an up and coming band would not be nearly as effective if the music they put out wasn’t up to snuff, and BECK certainly does not disappoint in this department.   The music in this series is so good that I count BECK (or the Mongolian Chop Squad as they are called in the States in the series do to the existence of a certain skinny scientologist.) as one of my all time favourite bands.  Which is odd, because I still can’t decide if the band actually exists.  However, don’t take my word for it.  Listen below and let your ears decide for you.

BRAINSTORM – This song rules.  Here the band channels Rage Against the Machine to amazing results.


FACE – A slower song featuring vocals by the show’s protagonist Koyuki

I’VE GOT A FEELING – A cover of a Beatles tune.  I actually think this is the definitive version of the song, and one of my favourite songs ever.

MOON ON THE WATER – Not a BECK song, but another song from the series.  I think this song is gorgeous.

HIT IN THE USA – Also not a BECK song.  This is the theme song for the series and performed by a band called “The Beat Crusaders”.  I personally feel this song should be the theme song to every show.  EVER.

So that is a brief sampling of some of the excellent music contained in this series.  I hope you enjoyed it.  The entire series is available for purchase on DVD’s that feature both the original Japanese voice cast with English subtitles as well as a redubbed English version.   If you have the means I would highly recommend watching the series with the original Japanese voice cast, as they are by far more talented singers and perform the songs better.  Plus, a good portion of the plot of the series revolves around the language barrier between Japanese and English speaking characters.  A tone that sadly gets lost in the dub version.  Plus in the English dub version for legal reasons you are cheated out of the amazing climactic cover of the Beatles “I’ve Got a Feeling.”  Enjoy!