Episode 12: iRobots

Jessie and Mark welcome guest host Eddie to the show to nerd out about their favorite iPhone apps and games.  Mark and Jessie also get into a Nerd Fight over the “Ultimate Killer Robot”: Megatron vs. the T-1000.  Lastly, the robot discussion continues as we explore our favorite Essential Nerd Films for Robot Lovers.

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Hosts: Mark, Jessie, Eddie

Show Outline:

  • Introductions (00:00:28)
  • 3 Facts About Eddie (0:02:25)
  • LARPing Digression (0:09:09)
  • What’s Entertaining You? – iPhone Edition (0:16:18)
  • Nerd Fight: Who’s the Ultimate Killer Robot? (0:46:47)
  • Essential Nerd Films: Robots (01:04:44)
  • Mail Bag and Good Byes (01:26:46)

Music Credits:

  • Opening Intro – “Be” by Common
  • Intermission 1 Music – “Robot Parade” by They Might Be Giants
  • Intermission 2 Music – “Sex Robot” by Saskia Dolores
  • Outro Music – “St. Teresa” by Joan Osborne

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