Blake’s Recommended Horror Movies (the nerd version):


On episode 11 we were joined by Blake Clouser the writer and director of the indie horror film HANGERS.  He gave us a list of his essential horror films.  Watch at your own risk. 


I’m going to try to name some movies that hopefully most of you haven’t seen – or if you have seen them then you know that a nerd can definitely appreciate them.

– Suspiria – For the soundtrack alone. Bizarre color usage and crazy architecture.

– Shaun of the Dead – We’ve all had this fantasy…

– Return of the Living Dead – And you thought zombies running was a new idea?

– Martin – Romero’s modern day take on vampirism as a mental illness.

– Village of the Damned (original) – Kids with glowy eyes = fear.

– Nosferatu – Go back to the original 1932 Dracula story.

– The Innocents – Creepy ghosts. Scripted by Truman Capote himself.

– Cemetery Man – Let’s get some European zombie art film action going.

– Dog Soldiers – Before the descent he directed this lower budget fun werewolf movie!

– Ginger Snaps – Equating werewolfism to a girl getting her first period, a.k.a. The Curse! Watch all 3 in the trilogy!

– Carrie – Classic horror without a horrific premise.

– Vampire’s Kiss – One of the few Nic Cage movies I can watch — consider this avantgarde black comedy dealing with confused vampirism of a yuppie with a midlife crisis.

– The Thing (Carpenter) – The special effects still hold up today. Great monster movie.

– The Others – This is how you tell a great scary story that seems timeless.

– Them – French movie based on real life events of how far bored children will go for a thrill…

– Re-Animator – Laugh.

– Creepshow – Comic + Horror movie = nerdbliss.

Take care!