Episode 11: Dragged to H-E Double Hockey Sticks

Jessie and indie horror movie director  Blake Clouser get dragged to Hell and take Mark and his cousin Chris along for the ride.  On this episode we Poop or Puppy review the Ghostbusters video game and “Drag Me to Hell”. Next we blather intellectually about what makes a good horror film, plus we find out what goes into writing, directing and producing a horror film for the indie film circuit.

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Hosts: Mark, Jessie, Blake, Chris

Show Outline:

  • Introductions (00:00:28)
  • The Reintroduction of Chris (0:01:34)
  • Meet Blake (0:02:07)
  • What’s Entertaining You? (0:09:46)
  • Poop or Puppy? Ghostbusters: The Video Game (0:27:57)
  • Poop or Puppy? Drag Me To Hell  (0:37:57)
  • What makes a good horror movie? (0:47:25)
  • Discussion of “HANGERS” (1:30:27)

Music Credits:

  • Opening Intro – “Be” by Common
  • Intermission Music – “Straight to Hell” by The Clash
  • Outro Music – “St. Teresa” by Joan Osborne

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