Episode 45: Mark and John Get It On 2: Electric Bugaloo

Mark and John give a quick run down of the games they’re most looking forward in the the next couple of months. Will Mark finally admit for his love of FIFA? Will Johnathon be sucked into buying a PS3? All these answers and more in this episode of Across the Nerdaverse. Note: you may not […]

Episode 44: The New 52

DC Comics has just started their epic universe wide reboot, and the Nerds are here to give you the run down on which books are worth checking out and which ones you mght want to give a pass to.  Strap yourselves in as guest host Jason helps the Nerds fill you in on The New […]

Episode 43: What Was Going to Be Entertaining Us

The full Nerdaverse crew returns for this long delayed episode.  On this episode we debut a new segment called “What’s Going to be Entertaining You”.  Where we talk about things that are on our radar and possibly the subject of some up coming Poop or Puppy Reviews. Note: you may not see the podcast controls […]