Episode 14: Twisted Pixels

Mark and Jessie are visited by Twisted Pixel Game’s Art Director David Leung who shares with us some insight into the work of game animator on titles such as The Maw and ‘Spolsion Man. David sticks around and joins us for a discussion of our favorite works of animation. Tune in to learn what life […]

The Best Band that Never Was

On our most recent episode of Across the Nerdaverse (Episode 14 available soon) my co-host Jessie and I took the time to discuss some of our most favourite pieces of animation.  I of course couldn’t let the chance slip by to discuss my all time favourite anime series “BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad”.   This series follows […]

Episode 14 Teaser!

Last night Jessie and I sat down and recorded Episode 14.  We were both very excited to welcome David Leung of Twisted Pixel Games to the show.  Dave joined us to give us some insight into his creative process as Art Director behind games such as The MAW, ‘Splosion Man. He also gave us a […]

More Robots

I found some more robots. — Posted from my iPhone

Robots invade Chicago

Over the last few weeks I have noticed these small robot creatures all over Chicago. Anyone know what they’re for? — Posted from my iPhone