We Love to talk…let’s hear you!

So we’re really glad that you like to listen to us talk.  We’d love to hear you guys too.  Have a question that you would like to hear Jessie and I tackle?  Well why don’t you send us an mp3 question.  All you have to do is record a question and e-mail it to us […]

iPhone games and apps we love

Hi all, I know I’ve been a bit lax updating this site for the last episode, but bear with me. In case you didn’t have a pen and paper ready last episode, you may have missed some of our recommendations for essential iPhone games and apps. So, here ya go: Games Flight Control Uniwar 3D […]

Episode 12: iRobots

Jessie and Mark welcome guest host Eddie to the show to nerd out about their favorite iPhone apps and games.  Mark and Jessie also get into a Nerd Fight over the “Ultimate Killer Robot”: Megatron vs. the T-1000.  Lastly, the robot discussion continues as we explore our favorite Essential Nerd Films for Robot Lovers. Note: […]

Blake’s Recommended Horror Movies (the nerd version):

  On episode 11 we were joined by Blake Clouser the writer and director of the indie horror film HANGERS.  He gave us a list of his essential horror films.  Watch at your own risk.    I’m going to try to name some movies that hopefully most of you haven’t seen – or if you […]

Mark Writes an Essay about Halloween

Never before have I been more scared by a movie than when I sat down to watch John Carpenter’s classic horror picture Halloween. If films are to be graded by the scale of the finished product’s ability to accomplish the task of delivering and provoking a specific emotional response from the viewer, then you will […]

Essential Nerd Films for Horror Buffs

As promised in the show, we’ll be posting lists of what we consider to be essential nerd films for true horror buffs. All those titles will also be available in our Amazon store (hint hint). Stay tuned to this space for more (or email us if you want a notification of when we post our […]

Episode 11: Dragged to H-E Double Hockey Sticks

Jessie and indie horror movie director  Blake Clouser get dragged to Hell and take Mark and his cousin Chris along for the ride.  On this episode we Poop or Puppy review the Ghostbusters video game and “Drag Me to Hell”. Next we blather intellectually about what makes a good horror film, plus we find out […]

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