Episode 10: TF2 Class Update Extravaganza

This week the discussion is all Team Fortress 2 related. We host two infamous TF2 players, Mr. Snuts!* and Chro, in a roundtable discussion of the latest TF2 Sniper/Spy update.  Hilarity ensues.  For those fans who enjoy our more general show, don’t worry – we’ll be back within a week or so with our normal […]

Episode 9: Across the Gnork-a-verse!?!

With Jessie away for the week The Nerd-a-Verse is invaded by guest hosts Chris and rapper Mad Hatter of the Scrub Club.  This may be the last show Mark is ever allowed to host solo. Please forgive the audio difficulties this week – we’re aware that there was some funky static that popped up during […]

Wow…these are some amazing game trailers!

A big thanks to B.A. Start for showing me the "Beatles Rock Band" video.  (Check out his blog for his annotated version of the trailer.)   This game without a doubt shall be HUGE.  Not owning a next gen system, or feeling particularly drawn to the fake instrument genre of video games I can’t say that […]