TF2 Meet the Spy Video Leaked!

Thank you to the guys at TF2F for the link.  This video is awesome!  Now I just need to figure out how to make the Spy be this bad ass when I play as him. Link HERE.

Tell Us What You Think!

So you’ve been listening to our show.  Awesome!  We love to hear from people so please write to us and let us know how we’re doing. We especially love reading your messages on the show so please drop us a line @ Thank you for listening! Mark

Episode 8: Star Trek!

Beam aboard the U.S.S. Podcast with us, as we review the newest Star Trek film, and then visit two of the oldest and fiercest Nerd Fight topics around: Best Star Trek film, and Best Star Trek series. Continuing our talk of space (the final frontier) we also talk about Essential Nerd Films for people who […]

Thinking about Star Trek and HIMYM.

Hey folks, I just put up a post to my blog.  I’d repost it here, but instead here is the link…Enjoy!


Lawn of the Dead

  If you buy one game in the next few weeks make it Pop Cap’s “Plants vs. Zombies”.  This game is wonderfully addictive, and super fun.     In the game, the expanse of your house’s front lawn is all that stands between you and an army of the undead.   As the undead swarm shamble across your […]

Episode 7: Potent African Podcast

On this extra special episode Mark and Jessie are joined by a man of many names. We look into our crystal ball at the games and movies coming out this year that we’re extra super duper excited to get our hands (and eyeballs) on. We also review the controversial movie Observe and Report, the toxic […]