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For those of you looking to pick up some of the Essential Nerd Films we discussed on the podcast (and will continue to bring up), check out our new store, where a percentage of your purchases will be used to help fund this site and podcast in the future. We’ll be adding more stuff […]

Episode 4 notes and links

I forgot the most important part of my Patrick Swayze argument, so I’m just going to go ahead and post it here, since obviously the audio portion is already done and out the door. Patrick Swayze is more awesome than Kurt Russell because he’s s a true triple threat: he can dance, he can act, […]

Episode 4: Who’s Getting Put in the Corner?

This week Jessie and Mark are once again joined by special guest host Mike, as they discuss movie remakes and essential nerd films.   Mark and Jess also square off in our latest Nerd Fight: Patrick Swayze vs. Kurt Russell. Tune in to see which 80’s feathered hairdo reigns supreme! Hosts: Jessie, Mark, and Michael Show […]

We Need Some iTunes Reviews!

Hey folks, from the responses that we’ve gotten thus far via e-mail and by way of the Facebook group it sounds like you folks out there are enjoying listening to the show as much as we have been enjoying producing it.   I’m really excited, that we’ve received so much love already, and we have a […]

Some nerd tidbits for you today

Just a few items to pass along to you folks out there: Would a price cut on the Sony PS3 convince you holdouts to finally buy one? If so, what’s your sweet spot in terms of price? Right now, I’m a Wii 360 household, along with my gaming PC. However, there are a few exclusive […]

Episode 3: We Love The Monkee’s Uncle

On this week’s episode Mark and Jessie are joined by a special guest host. We invite you to meet our webmaster Michael (aka Monkee) as we review the Watchmen movie, talk Japanese RPGs, Street Fighter and building custom arcade cabinets, and pit the “Metropolis Marvel” against “Gotham’s Dark Knight” in out latest NERD FIGHT! Hosts: […]

Episode 3 is in the can!

We’ve just finished the recording on episode 3. This evening we were joined by our web master Mike for some serious nerd chatter about the Watchmen movie. I’m looking forward to getting things edited together and out for you. Thank you very much to everyone who has joined the Facebook group so far. (There is […]

How Do I Find Your Other Episodes?

While we’re in the process of revamping our site template here, it’s a little difficult to find past posts. Some of you have asked how to download our previous episodes. Ways to Find Previous Episodes: Subscribe to our show via iTunes. Then you’ll get a full show listing via the iTunes interface Subscribe to our […]

Shout out to my TF2F peeps

Hi everyone. As you can see above, the latest podcast is out. I wanted to give a special thanks in this post to the people who graciously took time out of their Saturday to sit down with us over Skype. Without further ado, many props to: teamchuckles! Mun PanFrie Obviously, this podcast is all about […]

Episode 2.5: BONK! A TF2 Round table Discussion

On this very special edition of Across the Nerd-a-verse, Jessie and Mark lead three top Team Fortress 2 scouts in a round table discussion of the latest batch of goodies contained in Valve’s TF2 Scout Update pack. Hosts: Jessie and Mark Show Outline: Meet The Panelists (0:00:28) Force of Nature (0:02:08) BONK! (0:10:27) The Sandman […]