Here Is Something Fun For You To Do – Threes! (iOS)

Jessie gets mad when I don’t write things. When I try to write long articles I get bored. There has to be a middle ground that will at the same point keep me productive and alive.  So I’m going to post little mini reviews of things that are presently entertaining me that often times do […]


2013 Golden Puppy and Golden Poop Awards

I know it’s already February and we’re well into 2014, but it’s never too late to be snarky about the previous year’s worth of culture. And everyone loves a reward show! So without further ado, I present my selections for Golden Poop and Golden Puppies. As usual, I am not a professional reviewer and have […]

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Give us a call! We’ve just got set up with some sweet voice mail action courtesy of Google Voice. (Big thanks to guest host Chris for the invite.) So now, all you folks out there have another chance to be a part of the show. Ring up Jessie and I and leave us a message. […]


Greetings Citizens of The Nerdaverse! Just wanted to post a little bit here while on my way home. So the new year has passed. I hope that everyone had a safe and happy new year. I had a grand time myself. (Ask nice and I’ll share with you how guest host Blake Clouser spent his […]

Review: Lumines – Touch Fusion

Here is a quick review for you folks. Durring our discussion of our favourite games from the past decade in Episode 17 Jessie brought a game to the table that I’d never heard of. A game known as Lumines. Intrigued by her description of a tetris like game with a pulsing techno soundtrack I went […]

On the Way Home

Hey there folks. Well Finch and I are finally on a flight home from my parent’s house. We should have been doing this yesterday, but Chicago weather being what it is we needed to spend an extra evening in Buffalo. This was okay, because I was able to spend that extra time drinking more loganberry […]

Episode 17: ATN Looks Back At A Decade of Games

In the first of three mini-episodes Mark and Jessie look back at their favorite video games of the past decade. Note: you may not see the podcast controls above if you have NoScript enabled. Hosts: Mark, Jessie Show Outline: Introductions and Welcomes (0:00:18) Team Fortress 2 (0:02:07) World of Warcraft (0:05:09) Portal (0:09:09) Left 4 […]

Space Ace – iPhone

Wow. I have not even boraded my first flight today, and I am already able to review my first game. I havn’t decided yet if that is a good thing. As I mentioned in my last post I was planning on checking out some mobile iPhone games while on my trip. I had about a […]

Happy Holidays!

Evening folks. Just a quick little holiday message to you from me. This nerd is about to head out on vacation. Looking forward to getting back to Buffalo and seeing some family and friends. I am very excited, because I get to bring home my fiancée for the first time! Yep, that’s right Finch has […]

The Best Band that Never Was

On our most recent episode of Across the Nerdaverse (Episode 14 available soon) my co-host Jessie and I took the time to discuss some of our most favourite pieces of animation.  I of course couldn’t let the chance slip by to discuss my all time favourite anime series “BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad”.   This series follows […]