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Episode 79: Star Wars! The Spoiler Section Awakens

Mark and Jessie are re-joined by guests Blaire Knight Graves of Southgate Media Group and Arthur Wieckiewicz to discuss Star Wars: The Force Awakens. This time it’s no holds barred, as we go full spoiler on this mother. You’ve been warned. We also take the time to visit some of the stuff we’ve been nerding […]


Episode 78: Star Wars! Spoiler free discussion

The Force is with us this episode, as your favorite nerds assemble to talk about all things Star Wars. On this episode that is all things Star Wars Mark and Arron are joined by guests Blaire Knight Graves of Southgate Media Group and Arthur Wieckiewicz to discuss Star Wars: Battlefront and give their spoiler free […]


Episode 77: Stuck on Mars

All of the nerds are assembled. Trapped within the confines of a single podcast episode they discuss Mark Watley’s ordeal in the The Martian as well as the return of The Muppets to prime time TV and much more. Hosts: Mark, Jessie, Aaron Show Outline: Welcomes and Introductions: 0:00:29 What’s Been Entertaining You? (0:03:49) The […]


Episode 76: Shiny & Chrome – A Summer Movie Cavalcade

After an extended break the Nerds return to ride eternal shiny and chrome through a look back at the summer movie season. Liz Finch Grace proprietor of Scofflaw Nail Varnish Manufactory, and Mark’s wife makes her first appearance on ATN to lend opinions to this round of “Poop or Puppies”. Hosts: Mark, Jessie Guest Host: […]


Episode 75: We Are Groot

On this episode we discuss the awesomeness that is Guardians of the Galaxy. We also explore the apocalypse in a variety of stories and mediums, plus Mark has a special announcement for our Chicago-based fans of trivia. Hosts: Mark, Jessie, Aaron Show Outline: Introductions (0:00) What has been entertaining you 0:00 Snowpiercer (2:10) Last Ship […]


Nerdaverse News for August 2014

Time for some nerd news! We chat about upcoming DC movies, e-sports, Star Wars, and an obscure Clive Barker work. Hosts: Jessie, Mark, Aaron Show Outline: DC Movies 1:00 DOTA 2      7:00 E Sports International Tournament 12:00 Star Wars Ep 8 19:00 Night Breed      23:00 Contact the podcast: mailbag (at) nerdaverse (dot) […]


Episode 74: Monsters in Many Forms

On this very delayed podcast, our hosts dive into Monsters big and small, from television’s Penny Dreadful to the big screen’s Godzilla reboot. We also discuss how awesome Emily Blunt is in the Groundhog Day/Battletech mash-up Edge of Tomorrow, along with some other blockbusters. Hosts: Mark, Jessie, Aaron Show Outline: Intro (00:00) What’s Entertaining You […]


Episode 73: Doin’ It Live In the Windy City

Will wonders ever cease? After several years of talking only over the internet, our intrepid group finally got together to record an episode live. See if it was any less awkward when we could talk nerdy stuff face to face. Hosts: Mark, Jessie, Aaron Show Outline: Intro (00:00) What’s been Entertaining You (2:00) Hannibal (3:00) […]


Episode 72: How I Meet Amurica

On this episode of the Nerdaverse  we discuss the new Captain America movie, take a look back at How I Met Your Mother and debate its controversial finale, and discuss some other weird TV we’ve been watching. Hosts: Mark, Jessie, Aaron Show Outline: Intro (00:00) What is entertaining you (2:00) Movies (2:00) Games (16:00) HowI Met […]


Nerdaverse News for March 2014

That’s right! We’re back with more scintillating news items. Join us as we discuss some the upcoming Gotham TV series, speculate on casting news for Gambit and Batman vs Superman. Plus, we talk about the new Guardians of the Galaxy trailer and Alien: Isolation. Hosts: Jessie, Mark, Aaron Show Outline: Intro (0:00) X-Men Producer Says […]